Publication fees

Article processing charges

All articles published in our journals are visible on our website immediately upon publication.  The APC, payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication, is charged to either you, or your funder, institution or employer.

Your choice for open access journals

Contributors to our journals have the option to publish their articles in Open Access as well. Authors whose manuscripts have been accepted for publication pay a one-time fee, making their article freely available on the journal content website. Your choice for Open Access also allows authors to use the post-print PDF version of their article freely for their own non-commercial purposes immediately upon publication.

Biolife user license

Articles published under a Biolife user license are protected by copyright. Users may access, download, copy, translate, text and data mine (but may not redistribute, display or adapt) the articles for non-commercial purposes provided that users:

  • Cite the article using an appropriate bibliographic citation (i.e. author(s), journal, article title, volume, issue, page numbers and  DOI.
  • Maintain the integrity of the article
  • Retain copyright notices and links to these terms and conditions so it is clear to other users what can and cannot be done with the article
  • Ensure that, for any content in the article that is identified as belonging to a third party, any re-use complies with the copyright policies of that third party
  • Any translations, for which a prior translation agreement with Biolife has not been established, must prominently display the statement: "This is an unofficial translation of an article that appeared in a Biolife publication. Biolife has not endorsed this translation."

For permission to use documents please email us at

This is a non commercial license where the use of published articles for commercial purposes is prohibited. Commercial purposes include:

  • Copying or downloading articles, or linking to such postings, for further redistribution, sale or licensing, for a fee
  • Copying, downloading or posting by a site or service that incorporates advertising with such content
  • The inclusion or incorporation of article content in other works or services (other than normal quotations with an appropriate citation) that is then available for sale or licensing, for a fee
  • Use of articles or article content (other than normal quotations with appropriate citation) by for-profit organizations for promotional purposes, whether for a fee or otherwise.
  • Use for the purposes of monetary reward by means of sale, resale, license, loan, transfer or other form of commercial exploitation.

Who is responsible for making or arranging the payment?

As the corresponding author of the manuscript you are responsible for making or arranging the payment (for instance, via your institution) upon editorial acceptance of the manuscript.

At which stage is the amount I will need to pay fixed?

The APC payable for an article is agreed upon during the manuscript submission process. The agreed charge will not change, regardless of any change to the journal’s APC.

When and how do I pay?

Upon editorial acceptance of an article, the corresponding author (you) will be notified that payment is due. We advise prompt payment as we are unable to publish accepted articles until payment has been received.

Payment can be made by any of the following methods:

  1. Credit card - payment can be made via credit card as soon as the manuscript has been editorially accepted. We will we send a receipt by email once payment has been processed.
  2. Bank Transfer.

What is your APC refund policy?

APCs will not be refunded when articles are retracted as a result of author error or misconduct.

No refund or credit will be offered in the following circumstances:

Article retraction: Biolife has provided full publishing services and is only able to recoup this investment through the APC.  The later retraction of the article does not detract from the publishing services provided or from our ongoing maintenance of the scientific record, e.g. archiving in perpetuity.

Article removal: In rare cases where articles are removed completely after acceptance for publication, we will not refund or credit an APC. This is because Biolife has provided publishing services and is only able to recoup this investment through the APC.  The later removal of the article does not detract from this investment and is typically for reasons beyond our control.

Delays resulting from editorial decisions or author changes: These are a standard part of the publishing process.

Circumstances beyond our control: This may include, for example, where natural or other disasters prevent us from fulfilling our obligations.