European Journal of Musculoskeletal Diseases is an international peer-reviewed journal focusing on the intrinsic diseases, therapies, predictors, and management of musculoskeletal diseases. Published every six months, it focuses on new discoveries concerning diagnostic, clinical, and therapeutic topics about rheumatic, orthopedic, muscle, joint, and bone diseases with sections on rheumatology, immunology, endocrinology, rehabilitation, and imagining.

Honorary Editor:

Alberto Migliore (Italy)

Editor in Chief:

Matteo Bonetti (Italy)



Deputy Editors:

Theoharis C. Theoharides(USA)

Banfi G. - Italy
Bianchi G. - Italy
Boscolo P. - Italy
Brandi M.L. - Italy
Caruso L. - Italy
Cerulli G. - Italy
Colen S. - Germany
Conrozier T. - France
Corsi M.M. - Italy
Cutolo M. - Italy
De Mon A.M. - Spain
Di Gioacchino M. - Italy
Di Matteo L. - Italy
Di Primio R. - Italy
Diracoglu D. - Turkey
Doyle R.L. - USA
Faletti C. Italy
Felaco M. - Italy
Foti C. - Italy
Frediani B. - Italy
Frydas S. - Greece
Gasbarrini A. - Italy
Friedrich N. - Switzerland
Gelpi F. - Italy
Gianni W. - Italy
Giovannangeli F. - Italy
Granata M. - Italy
Harmon D. - Ireland
Herrero-Beaumont G. - Spain
Karapanou V. - USA
Karatay S. - Turkey
Kempuraj D. - USA
Laganà B.- Italy
Marotte H. France
Martinotti S. Italy
Minisola G. - Italy
Monetti G. - Italy
Mueller W. - Austria
Navarro F. - Spain
Novelli G. - Italy
Niu Q. - China
Paker N. - Turkey
Palmieri A. - Italy
Pandolfi F. - Italy
Pavelka K. - Czech Republic
Piscitelli P. - Italy
Raman R. - UK
Roberts W.N. - USA
Sabatino G. - Italy
Salini V. - Italy
Scarano A. - Italy
Sconfienza L.M. - Italy
Serafini G. - Italy
Sessa R. - Italy
Shabat S. - Israel
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Tsilioni I. - USA
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